Anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive glucocorticoids are used daily by millions of people around the world. Acute allergic reactions and treatment of nausea induced by chemotherapy (CINV) are examples of indications for oral glucocorticoids. These products are efficient, but they often lack convenience. AcuCort is therefore developing a small, fast dissolving and easy-to-use oral film containing a well-known glucocorticoid. Same effect, revolutionary administration.

Convenient, safe and efficient

Today, there is no convenient and user-friendly glucocorticoid product for the acute allergic situation. The current golden standard is to give antihistamines and glucocorticoids and – if the reaction is severe – an adrenalin injection. However, for someone suffering an anaphylactic reaction, or for a child in a very upset condition, conventional glucocorticoid tablets can be problematic to swallow, in particular if a large number of low strength tablets are needed or if no water is available.

Cancer patients in chemotherapy treatment and suffering from nausea, vomiting or impaired ability to swallow is another patient group for which the conventional tablet is not the optimal dosage form.

There is thus a gap in the treatment arsenal, a gap that can be filled by a product with the same effect but with another administration form. AcuCort is filling that gap. AcuCort’s rapidly dissolving product is easily put on the tongue and the patient will achieve the same effect as with the 4-16 conventional tablets usually needed to achieve the desired dose. AcuCort’s product can also be administered by a parent or someone else without medical training helping the patient.